Professional Rug Cleaning

Professional Rug Cleaning Oriental and area rugs are an important addition to many of our customer’s homes so professional rug cleaning is vital. The character of the room is influenced greatly by the rug; this makes it important to keep it looking clean and presentable. Rugs get a lot of foot traffic, dirtying the appearance of this costly decor. Allergens and bacteria can also get locked inside the fibers of the rug; you may need to worry about more than just the dirt. Calling on Stampede Chem-Dry is key in order to keep your home in the cleanest state possible. […]

Professional Carpet Cleaning

Professional Carpet Cleaning Professional carpet cleaning is a crucial element of correct household maintenance. It is advised to get a hold of professional carpet cleaners

Spot Removal Tips Blog

Spots and stains are expected, however that doesn’t need to mean you’re stuck with them permanently. We have a few ideas to help you maintain carpets or upholstery using one or two of our favourite Chem-Dry items that you can

Roni Review

he was  extremely efficient, arrived on time, very professional, and courteous. The solution used had a very nice citrus smell.and he remove all spots and stains , he finished very quickly and the carpets looked brand new! The landlord was very impressed and asked which company I had used. I have recommended this company to all my friends.

Olga’s Review

I just wanted to say thank you to Stampede ChemDry . The house looked great and it was the first time I have not had to ask the cleaning service to redo or improve something. he did an excellent job!  , this was the first time I have used Stampede chemdry and it won’t be the last!! Thank you for the great job  and excellent service  provided.

Blog | Deep Cleaning the Natural Way

The Natural Way to a Cleaner Home When selecting an expert carpet cleaning service for your house, a lot of consumers focus on a discovering a professional that delivers a high quality product at an economical

Blog | The Chem-Dry Difference

Chem-Dry vs. Steam Cleaning A large amount of customers brand new to Chem-Dry don’t recognize our technique is noticeably different than what steam cleaners depend on. There are plenty of aspects presented by our service that provide


Are You Seeking Pet Urine and Odour Treatment? Domestic animals are an essential and treasured component of a great number of houses. Even the best trained household pets can have accidents and may come back to the same general location to urinate continually. More than a basic cleaning service

Spring Cleaning

Don’t Allow Spring Cleaning to Push You Over the Edge The beginning of spring is around the corner! As the weather gets warmer, it functions as a reminder to give your place a fresh, clean start. Help your house be a safer and more wholesome place to

Anti-Allergen Treatment

What kind of allergens are brought into your house? It is sometimes difficult to keep track of everything that has come in contact with

Filtration Lines

After a while, the borders of the carpet along the wall become discolored. These areas are known as filtration lines and are usually specifically prominent on

Upholstery Cleaning Blog

As the finest upholstery cleaners in the business, Chem-Dry technicians are competent in cleaning several fabrics, so we are able to treat your model of furniture. Spots, stains, and

Clean is Comfortable | Blog

Where did that new spot come from? The change of the season might cause you to think about cleaning your home – as it is becoming the place you spend more of your time. Cleaning your upholstery and carpets can make for a more enjoyable season of cozy cuddling by the fire or reading a book. A clean home is a comfortable home. Maintaining your belongings between professional cleaning appointments can make a big difference on how you enjoy your time at home during this time of year. Regular vacuuming, attending to spots immediately, and removing wet, dirty shoes before migrating […]

Our Carbonated Solutions

Getting your carpets cleaned can be a hassle, at Chem-Dry we are here to make the process quicker and easier and still guarantee that our process is the most effective. Using the power of carbonation, we have created a patented technique to get your carpets

Carpet Cleaning Tips

Although getting your carpets cleaned is beneficial, sometimes knowing when to call is more important. Most carpet cleaners wouldn’t want you to know that there are easy steps to getting rid of those tough stains and spots. Here at Chem-Dry, customer satisfaction

Back to School Cleaning

Even though kids and pets track dirt and mud into the home regularly throughout the year, this is especially true during the summer months. In the fall, however, the mess once again becomes manageable with school starting again. In the stress of going back to school, it’s

Allergen Removal

For people with allergies, summer isn’t as fun or as exciting as it should be. With routine and thorough carpet and upholstery cleaning, you can better keep allergens out of your home during pollen season. By relying on Chem-Dry, you can make your home clean and safe

Spot Removal Tips

We have compiled a list of handy tips and suggestions for you to help deal with spots and stains when they inevitably happens. If your carpet has been treated with Chem-Dry’s Protectant, then you already have a huge advantage in removing stains