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Where did that new spot come from?

The change of the season might cause you to think about cleaning your home – as it is becoming the place you spend more of your time. Cleaning your upholstery and carpets can make for a more enjoyable season of cozy cuddling by the fire or reading a book. A clean home is a comfortable home.

Maintaining your belongings between professional cleaning appointments can make a big difference on how you enjoy your time at home during this time of year. Regular vacuuming, attending to spots immediately, and removing wet, dirty shoes before migrating around your home are a couple of ways to notice a cleaner home.

As you might find yourself spending more time indoors, you may notice how much your carpet and upholstery need a deep cleaning. Filtration lines, where the wall meets the floor, might become more prominent, traffic patterns may become more noticeable, and old spots and stains might start to really bother you. Call on the professionals at Stampede Chem-Dry to offer you the best, most affordable cleaning service in the area!