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Professional Upholstery Cleaning | West Springs, AB

Marker, pencil, dirt, and ordinary wear are some of the causes that motive your treasured upholstery items to appear tattered. As time goes by, this is anticipated considering the amount of use couches and chairs endure. Fortunately, Stampede Chem-Dry presents a cutting edge cleaning service in West Springs, AB to bring life back to your furniture and make the home appear new again.

Trust Stampede Chem-Dry

Before our experienced technician begins any cleaning, all pricing will be settled together with you. You will get the chance for you to point out any problem areas you would like us to concentrate on as well as communicate any questions. Your belongings will be handled cautiously because our company will be sure to treat your home just like it were our own. We’ve got a satisfaction guarantee to make our customers as confident in our service as we are. If the cleaning service performed does not fulfill the expectations we set with you at the start, we intend to revisit your residence to address any issues that are a concern.

A Healthier Clean

The primary cleaning solution utilized by Stampede Chem-Dry is green certified. This implies it is wholly safe and non-toxic. There will be no need to be concerned regarding any threatening agents or irritated skin when using our service. Our company is proud of our healthy solution on account of how frequently skin comes in contact with upholstery. You won’t have to worry about your family members or any indoor pets being in danger as a consequence of the safe makeup of this unique product.

Keep it Cleaner Longer

We use a patented Hot Carbonating Extraction process that will certainly leave your house cleaner, much longer. No dirt attracting residual or filmy surface will be left behind due to the beneficial manner in which this product performs. To help maintain clean upholstery between professional cleanings, we offer a product called Protectant. Shielding against future spills and stains, this is preferred with any furniture cleaning to help your home look fresh. The Protectant is co-applied using the basic clean so it is applied deep inside the fibres of the fabric, rather than just its surface. Regardless of whether your upholstered items include some sort of a factory shielding agent, this package is recommended. Every agent wears off with time and daily use.

Chem-Dry is a well-known name. Let us prove why! Call Stampede Chem-Dry for a cleaning experience unlike any other in West Springs, AB!

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