Our Carbonated Solutions

Getting your carpets cleaned can be a hassle, at Chem-Dry we are here to make the process quicker and easier and still guarantee that our process is the most effective. Using the power of carbonation, we have created a patented technique to get your carpets feeling and looking new again.

As you’ve probably seen with soda, carbonation has a natural “lifting” effect and causes bubbles to rise to the top of your drink. By utilizing the same properties in carbonation, Chem-Dry is able to deeply penetrate the carpet fibers and remove dirt and grime. The carbonated formula lifts these unwanted particles to the top of your carpet, where they can be safely extracted using our patented hot water extraction. This removes all dirt from your carpets completely, giving them the most satisfying and thorough clean available on the market.

This is compared to steam cleaning where gallons of water are harsh soaps are dumped into your carpets. This method drives dirt and moisture down into your carpet, hiding the mess rather than cleaning it, and creates a breeding ground for mold and other bacteria. In addition, because of the excess water used in this process, your carpets will take at least 1-2 days to fully dry. But when you use Chem-Dry, you can expect to have your carpet dry in only 1-2 hours, due to the minimal amount of water used. If you understand simple math, tou can see that Chem-Dry’s cleaning technique could’ve dried nearly 24 times in the time it would take to dry from just 1 steam cleaning. This is proof that we are innovative to care best for our customers.

Thankfully we offer our amazing services at an affordable price so any budget can benefit. Protect your family and your carpets by calling us today!